Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's About Me...Again

My selfish streak is kicking in and insists that I let y'all know more stuff about me. How can I refuse?!

So I'm putting up 10 genuine facts about me. For starters.

1. My name is not Avery Spreading. I had a light-bulb moment looking for a fake name to blog under while going through baby names!

2. I love kids and would love to have a couple of bambinos of my own. Not sure I'll ever have one though.

3. I'm allergic to wine! Would you believe that? Despite what the blog title says...I'll dedicate a post to why I chose 'Sipping on Wine' as title.

4. I like older men. Mr Spreading fits the bill to a T. Literally.

5. I used to swing both ways.

6. I'm scared of death. Out of boredom I sometimes think of ways I'd prefer to die.

7. I lost my virginity without even knowing it. It was that good.

8. I used to dream of becoming an actress and being interviewed by Oprah on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

9. I speak more than one language.

10. Would you believe how hard it was to write down these 9 points? Not because I don't know what to write but I'm watching Mindfreak! How cool is Criss Angel?!


Sonia Sunny Thomas said...

Hey Avery,

Nice to know things about you.
Even i used to dream of getting interviewed by Oprah...

enjoyed ur post!!

Avery Spreading said...

Thank you very much!

NINA said...

Mmmm...interesting...What other languages do you speak?
I am not going to ask about fact number 5...

Avery Spreading said...

Hey Nina! I speak French! And other 2 languages I can't really say in here else someone might recognise me ;)

Nashe^ said...

It was THAT good eh! hehe.

Hey come on speak French with me! :D