Monday, October 5, 2009

I Wish WMIL Will Go MIA...For Good

Remember the wretched mother in law? I think she has someone spying on us. She called yesterday to 'investigate'. FIL (father in law) doesn't tell her everything that goes on at home. Somehow she finds out. And she never divulges her sources. She brushes our questions aside. But when you ignore her enquiries she gets crazy mad and stomps off like a child, via telephone.

So last night FIL talked to her and could no longer ignore her insistent questions about who's dealing with what. FIL is a very wise person. His diplomatic skills astound me. It's not in any conniving way. Bless him.

Anyhoodle, he tried yesterday to handle her as graciously as he could. But WMIL is cruel and in one way or another she got FIL all riled up. The phone conversation ended quite abruptly and on sour tones. So this morning everybody is hustling and dealing with what we gotta deal with, especially as it's month-end, so that WMIL won't have any reason to grate on our nerves.

Mr Spreading and I will be glad to tell her what she deserves to hear but out of love and respect for FIL our tongues remain tied.

What a bummer!

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