Monday, October 5, 2009

If Only I Can Dispose of Humans As I Empty My Inbox

I was just checking my inbox when I came upon WMIL's email. I sent her my resume 2 months ago and now she replied. She was supposed to set me up for a job interview with one of her friends. Right now I don't mind staying home and do nothing. Mr Spreading doesn't have a problem with that either. She would like me to call her and plan something. I'm so tempted to send a reply saying, "I don't fucking need your help."

So why has she emailed me back today? I have an inkling she wants to know what's really happening at home and she wants me to update her. Hell no! If that's the case then she should bring back her ass and stay put by FIL's side! I won't succumb to her manipulative self.

I was having such a nice day before I read her email... *sighs*


Midtown Girl said...

You are too funny!

Yes, what's up with super late replies?!?! I would take my time with my response to the email - if I even decide to send any at all!


NINA said...

Maybe she can pay you if you work for her as a private detective...

Avery Spreading said...

Ah Midtown girl you're right. I ain't sending her eesshhh!! :)

Nina even if she pays me millions I wouldn't work for her wrinkly ass! lol