Friday, October 2, 2009

Do You Do Long Distance Marriages?

Born in the 80s, my point of views on major topics very often clash with those of my parents. Except when it comes to marriage. We carry the same values on that subject. That is, you have to respect and hold true to all the vows you pronounce on your wedding day. When I got married, I know some dreams of mine wouldn't be realized and they need to be crossed off of my bucket list. I was ready to compromise and I've never looked back since.

But this post is not about me nor my marriage. It's about someone who's been married for 23 years and counting. That's a record isn't it? Nowadays it's quite rare to meet folks with 20 and odd years of marital bliss. Unless it's your grandparents! But in this day and age it's a feat. Pardon my cynicism.

That woman is none other than my mother in-law! An overbearing mother in-law. A control freak. A someone-who-thinks-I-care-of-what-she-thinks-about-the-way-I-live-my-life woman! She feels that it's her duty to tell me what's right and wrong for me. On top of being arrogant and sanctimonious, my beloved mother in-law believes in no-sex-before-marriage thingy. I'm neutral on that. At the end of the day it's your choice if you want to or not.

Anyhow, what I can't understand is how can she find fault with everyone else but herself when she lives miles away from her husband?! All in all, she has never spent a full damn year with her spouse. Her priority is her job/career. I'm not saying a married woman shouldn't work. Far from that. But her job takes her miles away from her man. Nearing her 60s and she's not thinking of throwing the towel yet. That's a no-no for me. Everybody in the locality frowns upon her long-distance marriage. Not that I'm a fan of the society but I couldn't disagree with them on this subject.

Maybe one day I'll muster enough courage and give my mother in-law my more than 2 cents worth of opinions!


NINA said...

Maybe the distance factor is the reason why her marriage lasts that long...

Avery Spreading said...

I think she is a gold digger. All she cares about is material things. Whenever she is down she doesn't even cook for FIL lest spend some quality time with him. I'd divorce her if she were my wife...but then again it'd be more expensive because she has set her sights on the premises FIL built.