Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diet What?!

Besides ugliness, the weight factor preys on women's minds.

I passed the first factor. I mean I'm not ugly. I used to turn more heads though, before the weight issue actually became an 'issue'!

Weighing around 48 Kgs in my late teens early 20s, I was living the dream. Men whistled at me. I was being stared at and groped at. In a nice way. My breasts and bouncy ass were the main focus in my anatomy. I loved it. Who wouldn't? Unless you're crazy. Or you're in plain denial.

Like I said everything was great. I even managed to sweep off the cutest guy off his long athletic legs. (Just because you're curious: he was a football player! Oh yea go on drool...)

As you probably guessed, it didn't end well. We went our separate ways. Body still banging, like a butterfly I was sniffing every flower which smelled good. (I heard you! I WAS not a whore you biatch!)

Anyhoodle, life was treating me good until I met Mr Spreading. Then it got better. He is my type after all. But nobody told me that those "seamen" would carry and deliver me on the portly side! I wasn't eating them for God's sake. I've heard of women losing extra pounds by sexcising. Not piling up on calories. Unless I'm missing something. (?)

Very soon though I found a remedy to lose unwanted weight. Oh yes! An unglamorous way. Nothing yucky. Everybody goes through it at some times or the other.

It is called S-T-R-E-S-S. Anxiety. Oppression. Depression. Poverty.

I was broke for 2 months almost 2 years ago. That two months of starvation got my jawline all prettily shaped up and my double-chin, still in its baby stage, vanished! Getting myself stressed on insignificant things pressed my belly back to its "original" shape.

Now when I say I'm stressed or feeling very very low, deep down inside...I'm happy! Very much. :)


Nashe^ said...

Hahahhaha... I only LOOK thinner but I don't lose that much weight even when stressed! (Apparently I have high bone mass, whatever)

Avery Spreading said...

Then mine shouldn't be that high. :) Did you try starvation? LOL